Jul 162013
Televisions playing
hours in a row
numbing the minds of many
so they may never know
What really goes on
behind the scenes
all are blinded
by their screens
Conversation stops
for the TV now speaks
killing imagination
making us weak
Sucked up in a world
that is not real
losing the ability
to really feel
Images of war
unfortunate normalities
killing the grace
of any morality
Subliminal messages
taking control
polluting the spirit
destroying the soul
Mass consumption
is the thing
the song of greed
is what we sing
Eat and buy
buy and eat
we are all told
what we ‘need’
Because we watch
hours of TV
we are willing to follow
like proper sheep

LadyFae © 2011


My hope is that you reading this will realize that life is short, and we each only have a very limited number of days to enjoy and experience the thrill of being alive.  Every minute and hour spent in front of the mind-numbing “idiot box” only steals you away from the precious and limited moments you could be spending on creating something of value to the world, or epic memories with the people you love.

Choose to live your own life rather than living vicariously through other people who are out there living up their own dreams and desires, while your own dreams and desires slowly fade away into the back of your mind.


Jul 142013

comfort-zoneSo, recently I’ve been going through some personal transformation in some key areas of my life, particularly in the way of clarifying my vision and eliminating some self-imposed false limitations that have been lingering around for too long.

For awhile now, deep down, I think I knew that I was capable of creating MORE positive change and influence in the world than I currently was.  I just had this gut feeling that I needed to step up my game and play life at a much higher level.

I knew there were at least a few really important areas of my life that needed some desperate change, but were being pushed aside by dozens of other “tasks” that always seemed to get in the way.

I felt that something wasn’t quite right with the direction I was steering my life, but I never really addressed the issue.  I never really dug deep through the layers of illusion that I allowed myself to buy into about my ability (or lack thereof) to shape my own reality and create global social change.

Maybe some of you can relate?

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Jul 022013

You’re about to hear the story of how one man transformed his life from being broke, depressed and suicidal – to now being abundantly wealthy, happy, fulfilled and positively affecting the lives of countless thousands of people globally!

Derek Rydall - Law of EmergenceContained within each one of us right now is the potential to attain greatness in our life, and the ability to envision and manifest our heart’s deepest desires.  I had the special honor to interview Derek Rydall who is the founder of the Law of Emergence, and who has helped thousands of people around the world to discover this seed of greatness within their own lives so they can leave behind a life of doubt, fear, lack and uncertainty – and instead choose to live a meaningful life filled with abundance, purpose and personal fulfillment.

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Jun 242013

An old paradigm is finally being replaced.  One that dictates how we live our life, and says we can enjoy happiness and personal freedom only after we’ve slaved away for our employer for 40+ years.  It’s an antiquated system that says we’re supposed to just pick a profession, search for a “good job”, and then commit 40-80+ hours a week of our life in order to make our boss happy and the company profits.

I’m here to share with you what people all over the world are doing to break free from that rat-race to start living life on their own terms.

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